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I really love science and the natural curiosity in me drives me to learn and perform within formal education. 

In 2017, I  graduated with the highest GPA in Management from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. I have a double-degree in International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where I received the top 5% student in 2010-2015.

These academic achievements led me to my first full-time job as an analyst in BCG at the age of 22 and a manager leading a team of 35 people in South East Asia's largest EdTech company, Ruangguru, at 23.

In 2020, I graduated with my master's in Neuroeconomics from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I studied human behavior and decision-making through the field of Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics. I programmed with Python and Matlab for Neuroscientists.

For my thesis, I studied how mindfulness meditation influences emotion, emotion regulation, and the rationality of social-economic decisions. 

After great feedback, I used the meditation audio from my thesis experiment to start my podcast Meditate with Tsamara which is now listened to in 70+ countries



Honestly, all the achievements in my formal education and fancy job titles were deeply rooted in insecurity. This is the story of my "insecure overachiever" recovery.

I first got introduced to Yoga and Meditation in November 2018. By February 2019, I have finished my 200-hour Teacher Training from Elements of Power Yoga, Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali. I studied under Paul Teodo, Byron de Marsè, Leah Santa Cruz, and Mark Whitwell. 


Realizing how beneficial meditation is, I took a Meditation Guide certification from Natural Healer Australia. I am a  Certifed 200-hour Meditation Teacher by Charlie Knoles, The Veda Center. I recently learned about practicing compassion through Stanford's Compassion Cultivation Training

In the meantime, I am actively sharing the benefits of mindfulness and meditation from my podcast "Meditate with Tsamara", my YouTube Channel, and publishing my book "Mindfulness with Tsamara".

I found love and appreciation to improving our life and take forward action through Coaching, so I spent 3 months training to be an Accredited Coach by The Coaching Masters.


What really empowered me - was intuitively following my Human Design before I know it. I trusted my gut instinct, not my mind and its fears.

I am a Pure Generator, which means I thrive doing what I 100% love and feel satisfied as a result. If I do more of what I don't like, I feel frustrated, stuck, and easily burned out.

I have invested in two Human Design coaches as well to help me decondition and live authentically! Even coaches need their own coaches to grow.

When I follow my Strategy of Responding and my Sacral Inner Authority, I took myself from feeling frustrated and stuck at my-then-dream-job management consulting firm to living with satisfaction and peace. As of writing, I'm earning 4x more and working half the hours I used to, and in the process helping myself and over 10.000 people online overcome stress and anxiety throughout the pandemic.

Thank you for reading.

Next, I would love to know more about your story. 

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