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Hello, Namaste!

Tsamara is an empathetic, certified Yoga and Meditation teacher, who believes that your unique characters could enrich your life.

In one year, Tsamara surpassed over 71 countries on Spotify, 2,000+ weekly interactions on Instagram reaching more than 18,000 accounts, and over 60 Public Speaking events to talk about Neuroscience and Wellness.


With her passion towards sharing her experiences, Tsamara created a one-stop-wellness for you to commit on your healing journey.

To elevate your personal and professional life, Tsamara offers self-healing tools such as Meditation, Yoga, Journaling, Human Design and Corporate Wellness. These tools are for you to have productive self-care and eventually, the ability to love yourself throughout the many struggles in life.

Your healing journey might look different than others, it might even look different day to day. Thus, before the consultation begins, Tsamara will observe your current state of mind to create a practice specifically for you. The practice is intended to heighten your self-awareness, and eventually enhance your soul-purpose.

Tsamara’s academic achievements brought her to Fortune’s 100 TOP 3 Best Companies to Work For, but Tsamara decided to leave for the sake of her mental health. Being diagnosed with chronic anxiety & depression in her early 20s made Tsamara understand how the pandemic may have affected you mentally, and physically.


Mental health plays a big role in your physical health as it has been scientifically proven to be intertwined. Tsamara called it ‘Universal Coincidence’ when Meditation and Yoga helped her out of anxiety & depression. Meditation and Yoga, along with Journaling increased Tsamara’s self-fulfillment from within, rather than external validation.

From redirecting your energy to re-energizing your motivation and amplifying your focus at work, the one-on-one consultation will teach you on how to use these practices in your day-to-day life.

Find out more about how the offers have magnifying impacts on other people’s life, through the testimonial sections!


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My One-Stop-Wellness Offerings

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Meditation is not a one-size fits all. As a certified Meditation teacher, Tsamara knows how to embrace your Meditation style so you could elevate your healing process. During your consultation, Tsamara will be by your side guiding you to dive deeper within yourself to find peace of mind.

With the 30 minutes guided Meditation for 8 weeks, you are able to stimulate your memory, make you become more empathetic, compassionate and resilient, even reducing aging for your brain. 

The offer includes a shared recording of your consultation, for independent learning. On top of that, Journal prompts will be provided to amplify your practices and a bonus Yoga class!

During the pandemic, a lot of us became bored, afraid, and lonely, many are caused by the lack of distractions from the outside world. Yoga is one of the teachings that urge you to look inwards. 


Tsamara Fahrana is a certified Yoga teacher that offers a Yoga class that will boost your self-care. Personalized Yoga is a curated Yoga practice that is custom to your needs. Many beginners feel intimidated by the poses or insecure about their flexibility level, which is why Tsamara prioritizes a practice that fits your ability.

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Have you ever suffered from sadness, anxiety, stress, loneliness, emptiness, or depression?


Uda Wempy Dyocta Koto and I would love to share how you can feel the mental and physical benefits of Journaling from spending as little as 5 minutes a day to reflect in our Journal Collection:

  1. #BeHonest to release unpleasant thoughts & emotions

  2. #BePurposeful to lead a life of meaning and fulfillment

  3. #BeGrateful to mindfully appreciate your life and lessons


For your company to adjust proficiently to the new normal, it is paramount that both employer and employees work together to ensure everyone’s well-being is taken care of. Additionally, the vision of having a wellness program within the company attracts conscious customers and is effective to maintain their interests. 

Her experience working at a fast-paced, highly demanding, and goal-oriented company, like Boston Consulting Group, gave Tsamara Fahrana a comprehensive understanding of what a company requires to be sustainable. It is only natural that Tsamara offers a practice aimed for your company, to increase and maintain the return of investment. The practice incorporates Journaling, Meditation and Yoga for the employees to progress individually, as a collective.


Oftentimes you may feel as if your heart and mind are going in opposite directions when they should have been pointing you in the right direction. With Human Design you will be able to connect these three pillars of life effortlessly.

Tsamara Fahrana offers a life-transforming consultation where she translates your birth into a meaningful understanding of self, called Human Design.

Tsamara Fahrana’s background in the Neuroeconomics and Management Consulting firm enriches your journey towards figuring out your decision-making process, along with how you operate.


With the immense pressure from society, Human Design offers navigating tools that have a sense of ease, so you can make decisions that are right and uniquely for you. By learning the blueprint of your life, life becomes more authentic and empowering.