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Hello! I'm Tsamara.

I felt easily stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed from my teenage years until I choose to step back from the hustle culture and practice mindfulness. Since 2019, I began my wellness journey from working in a prestigious management consulting firm to become a certified Yoga Teacher and currently training for a 200-hour Meditation Teacher certification. I use science as a base of my mindfulness teachings, mainly from my MSc degree in Neuroeconomics. I share how you can also increase your wellbeing through my Yoga and meditation classes, my podcast 'Meditate with Tsamara', journals, and books that I am writing.


During this pandemic, teachers are under considerable pressure because learning has to be done remotely, which often requires teachers to work in front of screens for long periods of time. Tsamara's session with teachers who brought up the topic of reducing stress during a pandemic through the practice of mindfuness is very helpful for teachers to reduce physical and mental fatigue. Tsamara carried the session in a relaxed and easy-to-understand language. With science-based explanations and interactive methods, teachers are given the opportunity to practice practical techniques provided during the session. I believe every institution has a responsibility to improve the well-being of its employees.

I recommend Tsamara to all leaders who share similar objectives.

Dr Tracey Yani Harjatanaya

Founder of the Sofyan Tan Light Inspiration Foundation

My Offerings

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Invite Me to Speak at Your Event

Do you want to share how to be mindful with your community?

I would love to share how you can easily use mindfulness and meditation to improve your quality of life.

I am available to communicate in English or Indonesian.

Allow Me to Help Your Employees

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or bored with your job? Or do you want to increase employee productivity?

Coming from personal experience, I understand how stressful a job can be. That's why I provide practical and evidence-based wellness practices and tips that your employees can use. I provide several topics which you can choose or combine:

  1. to reduce stress, overthinking, fear, boredom

  2. to increase rational decision-making, focus, emotional intelligence, and communication skill.

You can book a free 15-minute consultation.


Private Yoga and Meditation Sessions
to Suit Your Need

There is no one-size-fits-all wellness pill. There are various yoga and meditation practices to choose from, and not everything will be effective for you. I help guide you to suit your need based on Eastern wellness practices. You can book a free 10-minute pre-assement.