The Right Flow to Boost Your Self-Care

During the pandemic, a lot of us became bored, afraid, and lonely, many are caused by the lack of distractions from the outside world. Yoga is one of the teachings that urge you to look inwards.

Tsamara Fahrana is a certified Yoga teacher that offers a Yoga class that will boost your self-care. Personalized Yoga is a curated Yoga practice that is custom to your needs. Many beginners feel intimidated by the poses or insecure about their flexibility level, which is why Tsamara prioritizes a practice that fits your ability.

Personalized Yoga is created for you to work on the poses intentionally with a practice that feels good in your body, whilst expanding your skill set in Yoga. By acknowledging your body’s flow, you are honoring your body and allowing it to grow. Ultimately strengthen your relationship with yourself and eventually, other people.

Tsamara welcomes questions from you during class including answering; why scientifically certain movements work best for you, and the philosophical reason on how it could add value into your life. With the right Yoga movements and sequences that are especially for you, clarity, harmony, and peace will flow into your life easily.

Personalized Yoga with Tsamara allows you to make your own time according to your busy schedule. You could even invite your friends and family to your Yoga class*.

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I learned to be more focused on the present moment by controlling my breath. I learn not to let my thoughts/emotions control my reaction. Before this, I get super anxious on Sunday night because the next day is Monday and I tend to have Monday blues. After the sessions, I learn to just accept things as they are and prepare myself to be more receptive towards what life has to offer.