30 minutes life hack for a life time of happiness

Between the rush hour traffic and feeling burnout at work, have you ever felt stuck? Many of us are overthinkers and anxiety dwellers, and Meditation is the highway towards healing. Whether you are trying to debunk stress or survive past traumas, Meditation could be used as a medium to achieve inner peace anywhere, anytime.

Meditation is not a one-size fits all. As a certified Meditation teacher, Tsamara knows how to embrace your Meditation style so you could elevate your healing process. During your consultation, Tsamara will be by your side guiding you to dive deeper within yourself to find peace of mind. The guidance equips you with in depth insights of your thoughts.

During her Master’s studies in Neuroeconomics in The Netherlands, Tsamara learned that with 10 minutes of mindfulness Meditation on the breath, you are able to regulate your emotions. This is because Meditation teaches you to be mindful, and mindfulness trains your muscle brain to become stronger through practice and pressure known as neuroplasticity.

With the 30 minutes guided Meditation for 8 weeks, you are able to stimulate your memory, make you become more empathetic, compassionate and resilient, even reducing aging for your brain. Meditation improves your mental health by increasing your endorphins and serotonin whilst decreasing your cortisol level. The surge of energy to feel happy due to the feel-good chemicals eventually improves your immune system.

Meditation is a form of self-empowerment, and each consultation is an intimate self-healing experience that transforms your pain point into strength.

The offer includes a shared recording of your consultation, for independent learning. On top of that, Journal prompts will be provided to amplify your practices and a bonus Yoga class!

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I learned to be more focused on the present moment by controlling my breath. I learn not to let my thoughts/emotions control my reaction. Before this, I get super anxious on Sunday night because the next day is Monday and I tend to have Monday blues. After the sessions, I learn to just accept things as they are and prepare myself to be more receptive towards what life has to offer.