A High Return of Investment Is An Inside Job

Adapting to a new routine may be challenging, especially if you have more than one role. As the world transitions into the new normal, many struggles amidst the changes in their working conditions.

The stress caused may lead to poor time management, lack of focus, and overall burnout where you are unable to work to your full potential. To improve your performance at work, Forbes suggested guided Meditation and Yoga. Meditation and Yoga remind you to concentrate on one activity at a time, eliminate distractions, and to be patient and kind to yourself. To emphasize its importance, numerous Silicon Valley companies such as Apple and Google, encourage their employees to start their day with Meditation.

Her experience working at a fast-paced, highly demanding, and goal-oriented company, like Boston Consulting Group, gave Tsamara Fahrana a comprehensive understanding of what a company requires to be sustainable. It is only natural that Tsamara offers a practice aimed for your company, to increase and maintain the return of investment. The practice incorporates Journaling, Meditation and Yoga for the employees to progress individually, as a collective.

Journaling enhances communication skills and emotional intelligence as the employees translate their intricate feelings and thoughts into words. In order to heighten the employees’ attention span and focus, Tsamara uses mindfulness through Meditation. Mindfulness is noticing the intensity of your thoughts and movement in an open and non- judgmental attitude about yourself. To complement the offer, Yoga helps regain the employees’ motivation that may have been lost during the pandemic. The offer is packaged to increase cost-efficiency as an investment towards preventative care. Among the companies that Tsamara has satisfactorily implemented the practice are Google Indonesia, Shopee, OJK and Kalbe.


For your company to adjust proficiently to the new normal, it is paramount that both employer and employees work together to ensure everyone’s well-being is taken care of. Additionally, the vision of having a wellness program within the company attracts conscious customers and is effective to maintain their interests.

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Thank you for delivering a simple and digestible content on meditation & mindfulness.

The content & delivery are very relatable and a great reminder to be aware about our self and well-being.


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